I have a confession to make.

I was in a bit of a self-imposed sales rut…only 3 weeks into my new position!

The phone to me became the equivalent of the furnace in the basement come to life…you know you were scared of it as a kid!

Then came the best thing that could possibly happen to me at that point in time…I went to sales training!

Seriously. It was a game changer for me.

I learned more in those 2-3 days than I had in the last 2 months!

My key takeaways (some of these may sound familiar, but they bear repeating):

  • Just calm down, and pick up the phone. Honestly, I was hinging so much on each phone call that I was essentially crippling myself at the thought of picking up the phone and dialing. It is not that serious. If you call someone and they’re not interested, thank them for their time, hang up and call someone who is!
  • Stop scheduling “next week”. Think about it. Why not ask for tomorrow? Or <gasp> later today?! Scheduling appointments for the next week only postpones your potential sale that much more.
  • Never overestimate the power of a hand-written note. Trust me. This is something I did anyway, but it was reiterated at training. Prospects, clients, potential employers, even, will remember you over the person who didn’t send one. It takes just a couple of minutes to do, and it leaves a lasting positive impression.
  • Trade the “Cold Call” for the “Unexpected Sales Call”. Yes, there is a difference. Instead of just randomly dialing and dialing without even really knowing who you’re trying to reach, do a little research. Know who your prospect is and exactly why you’re calling, and actually have something of value to demonstrate. It’ll separate you from the telemarketers that call asking who they are and what they do.

See what I mean?!

Obviously this isn’t all I learned, but, come one, did you really think I would give away all my new secrets in one post? Get serious!

Let’s just put it all into perspective… Less than one week after my training session, I made my first sale! The proof is in the pudding!

My recommendation to you: Seek out all the training, books, mentors, etc. that you can. Never stop learning, because you’ll never know what piece of info will help you land that next appointment or make your next big sale!