Cheesy song lyric parody aside, this truly was an event!

I’d been in the office, when the sales team partook in the ever-exciting “Sales Blitz”, but it never truly hit me as to how much excitement, competition and comradery came out of the experience.

In this particular case, I was given a bit of a heads up from my Local Sales Manager as to what the plan was. The rest of the AEs were going to be blitzing calls to promote various packages that we have going on for this and next quarter, while my goal was to focus on calling businesses that would make a great fit for a particular program that we air each week.

It wasn’t until about 10 minutes before I was to make my first call that I began to feel that jolt of anxious excitement. Would anyone agree to meet with me? Would I bomb on the phone? How many “no’s” would I hear before a “yes”?

Well the answers would be: yes, absolutely yes, and 26.

I had a blast with it, to be honest. Every call led me to more understanding of what I was really doing: asking for the chance to help someone grow their business. I scheduled 2 appointments, which I am beyond excited for!

This sales blitz sent a jolt of excitement and activity through the entire salesroom that energized us to make a difference not only for our bottom lines as sales people and as a company, but for the clients we were calling. Offering the opportunity to get their messages out to their ideal customers, helping to grow their businesses in meaningful ways.

Even though I know there will be lots of rejection ahead of me and a lot of hard work, I think I’m going to like this career called “sales”.